Forever & Always

Four of my favorite things in one outfit... 1. Skinny Jeans, 2. Glittery shoes, 3. Bows, and 4. Dots.


I got my Robot necklace last Summer at a Forever21 in Texas, probably my most favorite thing I've ever bought there =)


Left to Right: Top - Chiffon, Flamingo, Pacific. Bottom - Luster, Poetic, Cool
I got this palette for Christmas from my sister Sarah (thanks, sis!). It's the Stila Backstage eye shadow Palette. These colors are super pretty and pigmented, I've been using this palette a ton. These colors are also pretty unique to a bunch of other palettes I've seen lately and the packaging design is absolutely beautiful.

This is definitely a palette I recommend buying. 

You can find them at:



Or http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=19089622&CAWELAID=724104711

It Get Dark Early

It Gets Dark Early by Nicole for O.P.I.  - Super edgy dark grayish blue, perfect for winter.


Innocence by China Glaze. I love this polish, it looks almost like O.P.I's "Bubble Bath". It's a very wearable and buildable color, you can add as many coats as you would like. I only added two, but next time I think I'm going to add at least one more.


Products -
- Revlon Matte in Vintage Lace (all over lid and brow highlight)
- Stila Kitten (lid)
- MAC Espresso (crease)
- Stila Sparkle (outer corner)
- MAC Blacktrack Fluidline (liner)
- MAC Pink Swoon (Blush)
- Lorac Cutie (lipgloss)

Tell The World I'm Coming


Coming Home feat. Skylar Grey - Diddy



Little Giraffes

I really love this shirt, because it has the most amazing little giraffes all over it... annnnd I'm recently obsessed with them =)


New Year!

New Years eve outfit! Not super fancy, but I still liked it. My favorite part of the outfit are my new Glitter Toms shoes, I got them for Christmas =)

Hope everyone had a really great time ringing in the new year! ♥

Favorite Trends of 2010

10. "Boyfriend" - This is number 10 since, it's definitely not my absolute favorite, but it's still a pretty good trend. It just depends on how you spin it, I don't like when someone tries to overplay the trend and have every piece of the outfit be over-sized... it just doesn't look right to me. I love boyfriend cardigans (those will forever be my favorite!) the baggy capris, over sized shirts, or the blazers.

9. Military - Specifically the jackets. I found one at Target this past September that I absolutely love, I just think it's a cool look. I really like the colors that are incorporated in this trend... dark green, my favorite one, is gorgeous.

8. Embellishments - Like studs on... everything. It's just a cool, edgy touch. Or flowers appliques. Is it just me or did it seem like they were on everything last Spring/Summer?

7. Florals - Floral print was on everything. Seriously, even shoes. I personally love this trend and I don't think it's disappearing any time soon (at least for me). I love the pretty feminine touch flowers can add to practically anything. 

6. Skinny Jeans - Still going strong, for me at least.. I wear skinny jeans all the time. And they are so easy to wear, you can dress them up or down by adding heels or a nice ballet flat with a nice shirt or just wearing them with a T-shirt and sneakers. It's a win/win situation. 

5. Tiers or ruffles- I'm picky on this one... I don't like over powering tiers or ruffles on anything, but in moderation, it's such a pretty look. It's just an extra touch that can make a outfit really unique. 
4. Patterns - Stripes, polka dots, abstract... whatever it is, I love it. I always think that even if an outfit is super simple, you can make it a billion times better by incorporating a really great pattern on something, like a shirt, tights, a bag, skirts, dresses... whatever it may be. 

3. Bows - Again, super feminine and pretty. Such a good trend. I love bows, not only for your hair, but also on jewelry and shirts. It's just one of those things you love to pieces, but can't really explain why you do so much. 

2. Glitter - I'm like a bird. They say birds are really attracted to shiny, sparkly objects.. and so am I. I'll see something glittery and have to stare at it for like 20 years. I got the Silver Glitter TOMS for Christmas, and I love them so much. I know sequins are really in, and I do love that, but only if it's done right... sometimes it can look really cheap and trashy. But it's done right, it's amazing.

1. Animal Print - This is kinda funny for me, because for years, I would always joke around about animal print while I was shopping with someone, and be all like "oh! This is soooo me", just kidding of course, but I found a new appreciation. My favorite is Leopard, but I like it it small doses... like a scarf or my hot pink leopard print rain boots, not full out leopard print on everything in one outfit. The only exception to this trend is when it's made from an actual animal or if it's on faux fur (I've always hated real AND faux).

So there's my list of my favorite trends for 2010! I can't believe it's over. It was a really great year for fashion. Here's hoping for another brilliant year!