Shades of Red and Black

Skirt - Mossimo
Blouse - Old Navy
Blazer - Mossimo
Shoes - Anne Klein
Bag - Longchamp Le Pliage
Watch - Fossil

I am so done with this Winter thing . . . I'm thinking I need to move somewhere where it is warm year-round, and preferably where there is a beach in close proximity to my house. But no, I still have about a month left of this crazy cold then warm weather because the weather where I live has irrational mood swings. I am so happy about this day, though, because it has been raining like crazy for the past few days and today it is gorgeous.

Anyway, I'm loving this outfit because it's perfect for ridiculous weather like this, and I love wearing red and black together because red is such a great pop of color against dark colors. I tend to wear a ton of black during Winter, so switching it up whenever I can is needed.

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How to Deal with Being Single on Valentines Day

If you don't want to find yourself on the couch crying over "The Notebook" or "He's Just Not that Into You" and wondering why you don't have a Ryan Gosling in your life then follow some of the tips I've created for this Valentines and watch the video below.

1. Get some of your friends together and go eat dinner or watch a movie (or both).

2. Stay home, paint your nails, buy some chocolate for yourself and watch a marathon of How I Met your Mother and remember that someday you'll find your own Ted Moseby.

3. Go bowling. Why? 'Cause it's fun, that's why.

4. Don't wallow in your pity because Valentines day is lame and is not worth being sad over. 

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