I thought I would do a review on a nail polish I'm currently loving and wearing at this moment =)

Glitzerland (I love this name, that was one of the main reasons I actually bought it) by O.P.I is a nail lacquer from their Swiss Fall/Winter Collection, it was the only polish I was really interested in when the whole collection came out.

I'm normally not the type of girl to like really gaudy gold things, especially nail polish, I hate chunky gold glitter nail polishes, but this one is definitely different. First of all, the glitter in the polish is very fine and not chunky at all. Second, the color isn't as flashy and bright as some other gold polishes, it is more subtle. And lastly, third, I just love the name... okay, I admit, that's a pretty ridiculous reason to buy a nail polish. But, O.P.I comes up with some of the coolest names for their polishes and in this case I thought to color was interesting as well.

You can find O.P.I nail lacquers at Ulta. They usually run from $8.50 each.

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  1. btw, loving the name of something is a totally good reason for buying the thing, as long as the thing itself is also good. Take Stila's "Kitten" eyeshadow for example. You know it's good eyeshadow, but it wouldn't be half as charming if they called it "sparkly pink eye powder"--so they didn't, instead they gave it an adorable name that made me want to buy it all the more =).


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