Chill Saturdays and Hello Kitty Bags..

My Cat was confused

 Dress - H&M
 Belt - From Francesca's boutique (not quite sure what brand it is... because I cut off the tag)
 Hello Kitty Bag - Loungefly.com (http://www.loungefly.com/Products/New_arrivals/HELLO_KITTY_BAG_WHITE_QUILTED_FACE_TOTE_BAG.php)

I love this bag. My sister Kristin (http://www.purposefulhomemaker.com/) got it for me for my birthday/graduation. It's amazing, I've already had so many people comment on it.. it's definitely one of my absolute favorite things. And I'm pretty sure if there was a fire and I could only grab one materialistic thing, this would be it. 

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  1. Aaaaaa!!!! you look soo cute here!!! adore u outfit!!! :D the HELLO KITTY bag soo adore!!!! :D


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