"I'm Moving to New York, 'Cause I Have Issues With My Sleep..."

The famous Babycakes bakery in NYC

These were soo yummy! Babycakes is my favorite.

Didn't actually get this, but I saw it and it made my day. I love Eloise at the plaza! It was one of my favorite books when I was little

New York City was incredible! Even better than I had imagined, and I am so ready to go back.

There were some things I wasn't able to do that day, but that just gives me all the more reason(s) to go again! We spent the day looking at popular sights, going to Babycakes bakery (http://babycakesnyc.com/), shopping, standing in line for broadway tickets, which took about an hour, and towards the end it started pouring rain, but it was completely worth it. We ended the day watching Billy Elliot, which was incredible, and then going to Sardi's restaurant (http://www.sardis.com/htmldocs/cms/restaurant.htm)! If you can get a chance to go there you should. It's absolutely fabulous.

Overall, it was one of the best trips I've ever been on, and I fell in love as soon as I entered Grand Central Station.

Title is by The Wombats, "Moving to New York"

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