By now I was super aggravated with my tripod

I got a ton of blurry pictures like this.. *sigh*
Dress - Old navy
Tights - Worthington
Shoes - Steve Madden
Bracelet - Fossil
Lipstick (best accessory) - Maybelline's 5th Ave. Fuchsia.

 Today is the second time I've used my tripod... and I had a lot of trouble with it. I ended up having a bunch of really blurry pictures (see above) and it's annoying. Does anyone have any good tips for using a tripod? If you do it would be greatly appreciated, so please leave comments below!

Also, if you would like a tutorial on my hair or makeup just leave a request below as well, and have an awesome Sunday!


  1. love your outfits! Now following! :]

  2. um... ya I want a tutorial on how to do my hair like that, it looks fab! What kind of tripod is it? Is it definitely screwed into the camera properly? Are you focusing the camera before starting the timer? That might help.

    1. Sure I can totally do a tutorial =)

      Thank you so much for these suggestions, I didn't even consider checking to see if it was properly connected to the camera. I was focusing the camera the majority of the time, so I'm assuming I should try screwing the camera on better.


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