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I hate when people feel the need to hate on or judge people just because they just so happen to not like a few things someone says or does or even likes.

Really? Why are we spreading all this hate around? What gives us the right?

Posting judgmental comments or hateful things doesn’t make you look like a better person.. it honestly just makes you seem insecure.

I’m not saying that I’m perfect and have never been judgmental before (that would be so ridiculously hypocritical of me). I can be pretty mean sometimes… everyone can be, but it’s what we choose to do with that. If we would stop and realize the things we’re saying may be hurtful or judgmental then would we be thoughtful enough to not spread that hate around as much?

I bring this up because I’ve had my fair share of hearing that people think certain things about me (at work, school, or just everyday life) and sometimes they choose to be judgmental, when they don’t really know me or they don’t know all of the facts… or they choose that they have nothing better to do then to bring someone down that day. And I’ve also seen people do that to other people all the time (in everyday life or on the internet). It doesn't make sense why people feel the need to put people down so much.

What would happen if, before we said something really hurtful, we actually stopped to think about how our words could affect someone? I think it would make a world of difference, and I would hope that a lot of the negativity would stop.

I know this is kinda random, and not really normal for my blog, but I felt like it was just something I wanted to write about.

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  1. I think this is really well written it's good to point this out because you're so right and judgement can be so hurtful. And you're so right how you see all of this going on in different aspects like work and school throughout life. Nice thoughtful post



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