Sunday Lace

Skirt - Old Navy
Top - Got it from TJ Maxx (brand is called Paper Crane)
Boots - Xappeal 

It feels so incredibly good to be done with this semester. I took my last final yesterday and it's still sinking in, of course, I have to go back in a couple of weeks for Summer classes, but I can now officially say that I'm done with Freshman year. That seems super crazy to me, it seems like yesterday I was just starting college and now I'm already a year in. So now I'm planning a bunch more blog posts which makes me pretty excited because I love sharing new stuff and helpful tips with y'all. 

And speaking of new stuff. . . that last picture? That's the new O.P.I. color from the Spiderman collection called 'Into the Night.' I love, love, love this color, it's the perfect "Spider man blue," and I picked it up at Ulta for $8.50. If you're going to get any color from that collection definitely pick this one up.

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  1. darling, you're so beautiful! is that your real color of hair??i'm pretty in love with blonde hairs...so lucky to have it! <3


    1. Awe thank you so much! It is my real color :)

  2. love the detailing of that lace! Good find!


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