Spring Inspired: Bunny Nails

Spring is officially here! And what better way to celebrate than to paint bunnies on your nails? (okay, I'm sure there are better ways, but c'mon. . . bunnies so just so cute)

Here's what you'll need:
. A Base coat and topcoat
. Multiple polishes - white, yellow, purple, blue, or pink, 
and a dark color for dotting the eyes
. A nail dotting tool
. A somewhat steady hand
. Patience

 Step 1. Paint your nails with a base coat to make sure the polish last longer

 Step 2. Paint your nails a "base" color - I chose 'Do you Lilac it' by O.P.I, but you can use any color you want - I painted mine with two coats and let them dry completely.

 Step 3. Paint half of your nail with white polish and use the side of the brush to paint the bunny ears. 

Wait for the polish to dry completely

 Step 4. Using a dotting tool (or toothpicks), take a dark color to dot eyes, then take a yellow color to dot the nose.

Step 5. Use a topcoat and make sure your nails dry completely. 

And voila!

Here are the colors I used:
White Tips - Orly
Mellow Yellow - Sally Hansen (nose)
Do you Lilac it - O.P.I (base color)
First Class Ticket - China Glaze (eyes)

Hope y'all liked this tutorial! Comment below telling me what your favorite designs are for Spring! <3

P.S. You can paint bunnies on all your nails but I ran out of patience pretty quickly, so I just chose an accent nail.

Check it:

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  1. how cute! i'm beyond obsessed with painting my nails. i own about every color in every brand. i love doing fun things for holidays (even though Easter slipped my mind this year) great job!



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