Floral Mix

Top - H&M
Skirt - Mossimo
Shoes - Aldo 
Necklaces - Forever21
Bracelet - Fossil

Here's a tip for when you're shopping at Target (which, if you're anything like me, is 1-2 times a week): try and find online returns because they mark those items down like crazy. I got this new skirt, that is super comfy, for $4.56 and I'm the kind of person whose day can be turned completely around by tiny stuff like that, so next time you're there be on the look out. 

Anyway, I hope y'all are having a fabulous day and will have an even more fabulous week!

Here's some more cool stuff to check out: 

Vine - alyarmstrong 

P.S. Apparently I like holding my hand to my ear in pictures. Did y'all notice? 

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