Fashion Inspiration: New Years Eve Edition

I have been stuck in bed for the past 7 hours with some weird virus type thing so I decided to do a "Fashion Inspiration: NYE edition" for y'all, and without spending too much money because I know, at least for me (since I'm a poor college student), that it is difficult to justify spending so much money on a dress that you might only wear once so here are some of the dresses that I'm getting my inspiration from this year ~

Forever 21:

Get this for $15.80 here
 I would pair this with black tights, a sequined blazer, and shoes like these

You can get these for $22.80 here
 I would pair this with a metallic belt, lace tights and gold heels

You can get this for $14.50 here
This is a more "casual" NYE dress, so I would pair this with either a jean jacket or leather jacket, and combat boots like these (if you're going for a more rocker chic look this year)


Get this for $20 here
 I would pair this with brightly colored pumps and a contrast color clutch (think red and purple or something similar).

mac + jac Jacquard dress for $30 here

This is honestly my favorite out of all these dresses because it is just so different because of the "reptile print". I would pair this with brightly colored tights (like shown in the picture) and either a black heel or studded wedge.


Get this here for $24.99
I really dig this dress as well, it's one of those dresses that you could dress up or down and can be worn multiple times. I would pair this with a thin belt, black sheer tights, and metallic heels. 

 That's it! I hope this post was helpful to you while you try to figure out what to wear New Years Eve night, and I hope that if you aren't able to get these particular dresses that these at least gave you a little bit of inspiration!

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Disclaimer: I do not own any these pictures; I got them off of Forever21.com, Jcpenney.com, and Target.com.


  1. All these dresses are so gorgeous, perfect for New Years!

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  3. "I eat fashion" wow, I love it! :D
    love your blog as well, so wonderful!
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